By Marvin L. Imboden February 2011

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Welcome to the Imboden (m-bow-den) Family Tree of Johannes Adam (Schweickert) Imboden, Annville, PA 1753.   What you see here is the result of twenty years of work and includes a little over 1700 names and is still not complete.  Some of his descendants migrated southward into Virginia then westward into Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.  Another part of his family migrated westward from Pennsylvania into Illinois and Ohio but at the time I quit my research, I was unable to find any information on these families.  I know they existed from census records but these records did not give enough information to connect these families. I have over 100 names in my data base I can not connect which I know are part of this family.  There were several more Imbodens who came to America at later dates which I have excluded.  While the name Imboden is not very common here, I have been told by people who lived in Germany that it is a rather common last name there.

I have now added the families of two grandmothers and an aunt to this site, the Conner family from the Midwest to Kansas,  the Curtis family from the Midwest to Oklahoma and the McCurdy family in Oklahoma.  Click on IndexList below and then the link at the top of that page to access these pages.

What you see on this site comes from documentation I have found in my research, from many people who furnish me information and from personal knowledge.  I have tried not to included myths, rumors or hearsay about my family which can not be proven.  I heard rumors as a kid in the 1950's that two brothers came to America and had a falling out. It was said that one of the brothers changed his last name.  If you check the text for Johannes in this site you will see from my research that he was the only Imboden on the ship Two Brothers.. 

The Inbody family has a website showing their first ancestor in America was Johan Adam Imboden, born in 1709 and landed here August 1739.  It says Johan was an uncle of Johannes which is very likely.  It says their last name may have been changed from Imboden to Inbody accidentally by census takers or records keepers.  I have found the same problems tracking my family also.

Dates using circa (CA), about (abt), before (bef) or after (aft) are dates I have estimated based on information I have found in my research. 

If you have information you would care to contribute to help me complete more of the Imboden family, please contact me by email at I would like to know if the information comes from personal knowledge, family records or what other source.

A special thanks to many of the people who furnished me information on the Imboden family: 1. my Grandmother, Ora Esther Imboden/Curtis, 2. James Auldric Imboden, 3. Curtis Imboden, 4. Helen Griffith, 5. Colleen Tarket and Reene Valkingburg, 6. Steve Faulk, 7. Kathleen McGrady, 8. Clerice Fisher, 9. Melissa Blankenship & Michael Gray, 10.  and to everyone else who has helped make this information as complete and accurate as possible.

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